Revisiting methionine requirements for poultry and swine

The 5th Advancia International Methionine Seminar that took place in Çesme, Turkey, has presented its main conclusions from the event.

“Refining amino acid requirementsand evaluating the potential effect of ambient environment on such requirements appear worthwhile issues to consider in relation with genetic potential and species differences,” said Dr Pierre-André Geraert, Director Innovation Marketing, Adisseo.
Studies presented on the topic of amino acid requirements in pullets and layers (Prof Perazzo-Costa, Paraiba University, Brazil), in different young broiler genotypes (Prof Dozier, Auburn University, USA) and in swine and poultry (Prof Rostagno, Viçosa University, Brazil) clearly showed that an increase in sulphur amino acid requirement (up to 5%) for modern genotypes - although feed intake has increased - lent support to higher performance.
Prof Rostagno further underscored that increasing methionine supplementation in the early days of broilers enhanced breast muscle deposition.
Prof Swick (Univ New England, Australia) showed the economical benefit of determining the nutritional quality of soybean meal batches in feed formulation.
Amino acid composition of muscle did not appear constant and could be representative of the ingested feed (Dr Conde-Aguilera, INRA, France), which would have an impact on the muscle properties, and thus potentially on meat quality.
On behalf of Dr Swennen (KU Leuven, Belgium), Dr Mercier (Research Manager, Amino Acids and Proteins, Adisseo)  further demonstrated that hydroxy-analogue of methionine exhibited a higher anti-oxidative benefit than methionine under heat stress conditions.
Prof Adeola (Purdue University, USA) and Prof Rostagno (Brazil) chaired a roundtable where the audience addressed lots of questions to the speakers.
Advancia is a scientific and technical community launched by Adisseo 4 years ago to gather worldwide scientists and nutritionists to share research progresses on sulphur amino acids. Recent results from research projects have demonstrated that amino acids and particularlysulphur amino acids are involved not only in growth performance but also in various metabolic functions: anti-oxidant potential and animal health, as well as, meatquality and its technological properties.
Advancia is also the occasion for scientists and nutritionists worldwide toshare interrogations and questions onamino acids with the aim todevelop sustainable productions of animal proteins.
More than 65 participants attended this 5th Advancia International Methionine Seminar organised prior to the 18th WPSA European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition in Turkey.


  • Layi Adeola, Purdue University

    Layi Adeola, Purdue University

Editor WorldPoultry

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