Ska introduces new VEGA female breeder feeder

The new Vega has been designed to feed 16 female breeder birds of any of the current genetics lines.

The top cover of the Vega has several holes to make feed visible, while the shape of the side openings allows female breeders easy access to feed, without getting accidentally hurt and at the same time eliminating any wastage.
The width and height of the slots are fully adjustable with a simple operation, preventing male breeders from eating from the Vega. The pan itself has been designed to equally divide the animals around it, with deeper slots in front of each opening, and with a central cone that reduces the quantity of feed in the drop tube.
The feed level can be set on three different levels, an operation that can be done anytime during the cycle.The drop tube, in two pieces that can be taken apart, is securely fastened to the pipe by an internal clip, stopping rotation.
Ska paid attention to the details for the design of the Vega and is using high resistance materials.
Source: SKA

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