News update:Feb 3, 2010

UV light belt sanitizer acknowledged as validated technology

Intervent ultraviolet light technology, that makes food safer for consumers by inactivating Listeria on food contact surfaces, has been acknowledged as a control treatment of Listeria monocytogenes by the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service.

The newly validated non-aqueous UV light belt sanitizer is especially significant for producers of ready-to-eat foods because the pre-packaged nature of these foods eliminates the final, in-home cooking step that can kill any Listeria organisms.
The Intervent (the food-safety technology and consulting business of BOC) sanitizer is placed on conveyor-driven food process lines just before packaging or other operations where the potential exists for cross contamination from the conveying surfaces to food products. The system can be easily retrofitted and customized to meet individual plant requirements. In addition, Intervent technologies are extremely cost effective compared with other treatment options.
Intervent developed the conveyer belt sanitizer in response to the needs of raw and RTE meat product processors. The system helps keep food contact surfaces sanitized in locations where it is not desirable for wet chemical or water-based sanitation to come in contact with food products.

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