Using a multivalent DNA vaccine against IBV in broilers

The Animal Disease Prevention and Food Safety Key Lab of Sichuan University, China, studied the immunogenicity of a multivalent DNA vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in broilers.

Infectious bronchitis is an acute to chronic respiratory disease of all birds of all ages, although young birds are most susceptible. It is caused by a coronavirus.  

Three expression plasmids each targeting spike protein (S1), nucleocapsid protein (N), and membrane protein (M) of IBV were prepared. Chickens were immunized with either individual plasmids (monovalent) or with a combination of all plasmids (multivalent). Immunization with the multivalent DNA vaccine induced synergistic augmentation of humoral and cellular responses in comparison with the individual vaccines, and provided up to 85% immune protection. The researchers say that the multivalent DNA vaccine represents an innovative approach for enhancing DNA vaccine potency, and has potential clinical application for vaccination against IBV.

To read the full paper click here.

Natalie Berkhout

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