Pas Reform joins with Watter for hatchery disinfection technology

Pas Reform has signed an exclusive agreement with Dutch firm Watter to supply 'Nontox' Electrical Chemical Activation (ECA) disinfection technology for the hatchery sector.

Nontox ECA technology harnesses the power of naturally occurring oxidants - using water, salt and electricity to produce a powerful, safe and highly sustainable non-toxic disinfectant that is proven effective in neutralising viruses and bacteria.

“Nontox is easily, reliably and sustainably produced on demand, on site”, explains Pas Reform CEO Bart Aangenendt. “Using the Watter system will not only reduce the cost burden of purchasing chemicals and disinfectants, but by meeting the most stringent hygiene requirements - Nontox could have further reaching implications, by actively reducing the use of antibiotics in the poultry industry.”

Under the new agreement, Pas Reform holds an exclusive license for all Watter products. Well-known for its innovations and advances in the hatchery sector around the world, Pas Reform will work in consultation with Watter to develop new applications for Nontox in a variety of hatchery disinfection applications.

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