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Pfizer in collaboration with Russian poultry market

Collaboration will deliver improved flock health and increased performance in the emerging Russian poultry market, according to Pfizer Animal Health Global Poultry.

That was the thought expressed by Marco Leone, Pfizer Animal Health’s Regional Director Eastern Europe, speaking at the company’s recent in ovo seminar held during VIV Russia.

Pfizer Global Poultry dedicated its day-long symposium at the event to discussing the advantages of collaboration and automation with key members of the Russian poultry industry.

Cusp of change
“The Russian poultry market is on the cusp of change,” Leone said. “Some producers have already expressed a strong desire to look to new approaches to become more cost-efficient.

“Pfizer is committed to working with producers and the poultry industry at large to implement solutions that improve bird and business performance.

“Across the Europe, Africa and Middle East (EuAfME) markets, Russia is one of the highest poultry producing nations,” Leone said. “However the cost of production is high and the way the industry is organised has led to large facilities – so there is an interest and benefit in automation and perhaps a more technical approach.”

In ovo technology
Hervé Le Galludec, EuAfME Poultry Director, said a key part of the change could be the widespread introduction of in ovo technology.
“In the past, in ovo technology – where we inject vaccine into the embryo through the egg before hatch – was primarily used for Marek’s Disease vaccines, which were not used for broilers in most European countries.

“But as many more vaccines become available for use in ovo, the potential for this technology is significant. It can improve bird performance and production profitability and by collaborating with customers we can ensure it fits seamlessly into their operations.”

Artur Valiev, Division Director Russia, said Pfizer Global Poultry is already working with some customers within the market to improve automation and business efficiency.

“We have a broad portfolio of products, devices and diagnostics, but we also bring support services and expertise to poultry producers. We are focused on working with customers to deliver solutions, and in doing so become the industry’s preferred partner.”

Source: Pfizer

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    Ken Marshall.

    I certainly go along with this Pfizer article concerning in ovo vacination, it is the current forward trend and the more that can be done in the hatchery before the chick reaches the chicken house the better for the chick, minimising stress in the poultry house and most likely a much higher and quicker immune response will be achieved.

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