Asian WVPA Poultry Health Meeting created

The World Veterinary Poultry Association has announced that it will be creating an Asian WVPA Poultry Health Meeting.

The event will run in the even numbered years and to alternate with its Global Congress which runs every two years in the odd numbered years.

The first Asian WVPA Poultry Health Meeting will be held on 26th October 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand and will focus on the very important subject of vaccination. This meeting is targeted at poultry veterinarians, avian health scientists and anyone responsible for the health of poultry.

“Within WVPA, the Asian region is growing its membership and because of this and the importance of poultry production in the region, we felt the creation of this meeting was a very good way to enhance, encourage and support the professional development of Asian poultry Veterinarians”, said the Australian president of WVPA, Dr Trevor Bagust.

Dr Sumeth Sapchukun, of the Thai Veterinary Poultry Association, added, “Thailand is very pleased to be hosting the first Asian WVPA Poultry Health Meeting and looks forward to this meeting having a high quality programme with respected international speakers that will really benefit Asian poultry veterinarians”.

The full programme will be published by the end of April.

Editor WorldPoultry

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