First ihsig Symposium addresses poultry intestinal health management

The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (ihsig), created in 2010, held their first symposium last month in Gent, Belgium. The symposium attracted 150 people from more than 20 countries—including representatives from the poultry industry's scientific community, consultants and veterinarians.

Participants were able to attend discussions on poultry production challenges affecting intestinal health management and performance.
“This symposium focused on the responsible use of antibiotics in animal production, an ongoing debate within the poultry industry,” says Chairman Filip Van Immerseel. “Speakers provided insights into the pathogenesis of different intestinal disorders, and supplied diagnostic tools and information on preventive strategies to maintain intestinal health in animals.”

Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University, Belgium) explained the complex interactions that take place between bacteria and host, and the importance on their interpretation in order to have a healthy, antibiotic-free poultry production. Both Ducatelle and Petra Louis (Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Univ. of Aberdeen, UK) presented new research on butyric acid and the importance of butyric acid producing bacteria in their role on gut health.

José Ignacio Barragán Cos (Veterinary Consultant, Spain) discussed the concept of optimization of nutrient digestibility as a means to reduce bacteria number or change in bacteria species profile and presented field trial data on different natural solutions to manage the Clostridium population in poultry.

Dr De Gussem was the lector and teacher for the workshop which took place the second day. During this workshop, the attendees were able to evaluate bacterial enteritis and make the connection between intestinal disorders and Clostridium perfringens, one of the main players in bacterial enteritis. Attendees learned about the importance of scoring systems applicable both in the field and under experimental conditions.

ihsig will continue to organize more events to educate the market on intestinal health issues.

“ihsig is a group of European experts collaborating with the aim of improving knowledge on intestinal health and narrowing the gap between fundamental research and practical experience in the field,” says Kemin Marketing Director Tom Verleyen. “Since it is the intention of the ihsig group to be independent, Kemin will continue to facilitate practical arrangements only, in order to support their success.”

About ihsig
The Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (ihsig), created in 2010 to form a platform to discuss intestinal health issues in poultry, has an interest in opening discussions with the scientific community, consultants and poultry veterinarians aiming to promote health and welfare in poultry production.
The objective is to provide insights in the pathogenesis of the intestinal health problems, to provide tools to diagnose intestinal health problems for which antibiotic usage is either justified or not, and to provide information on alternatives to antibiotics used according to best practice to promote intestinal health in animals.

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