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Bird flu in Mexico claims a million chickens

An outbreak of the H7N3 bird flu virus in Mexico has infected about 2.5 million chickens and led to nearly one million birds being destroyed by authorities.

The outbreak, which was detected in the western state of Jalisco, the country's largest chicken farming region, has led officials to declare a state of national emergency. In addition the outbreak has led to price rises in poultry products in the country.

Officials said 129 farms in Jalisco have been inspected and the virus was confirmed in birds at 24 of the sites. Tests have continued on most of the rest. Jalisco produces around 11% of the country's poultry meat and 50% of its eggs, according to the US department of agriculture.

The ministry has ordered vaccinations from Asia and is also developing its own drugs domestically to combat the spread.

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    Harry VAN POPPEL

    Chlorine dioxide kills the bird flu virus H7N3.
    Infected birds cannot be treated, however the use of Chlorine Dioxide as a disinfectant in the drinking water as well as a disinfectant in fogging/misting the sheds, hatcheries may prevent an outbreak of bird flu and any other virus disease.

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