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Soya-free chicken feed to save Amazon

UK organic food company Abel and Cole announces the launch of their first free-range chicken that has been reared using soya-free feed.

Reports have previously stated that the widespread use of soya in chicken feed could be playing a significant role in the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Consequently, Abel & Cole has teamed up with chicken producer Peter Coleman, who is an expert in animal nutrition. He created soya-free feed after a visit to the Amazon.

"A chicken requires protein to build up its vital amino acids, the building blocks of life, particularly during its first three weeks. Protein in chicken feed comes mainly in the form of soya," explained Coleman.

The new feed uses bean, peas, rape, sunflower and wheat. All the chickens on Coleman's farm have now been converted to a soya-free diet.

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    Park Waldroup

    I am sure that Abel and Cole feel good about their decision not to use soybeans in their chicken feed. However, even if there was a world-wide ban on using soybean meal, the Amazon would still be deforested to grow sunflowers, wheat, faba beans, or whatever else that was chosen to replace soybeans. In fact the deforestation might be even worse as soybeans are the most efficient protein source and more acres would be needed to replace the protein value. There is no feed ingredient, save salt, that is totally irreplaceable.

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