News update:Sep 25, 2012

Major poultry farm in Belarus goes operational

One of the most expensive projects in the Belarusian poultry industry has been put into operation - the poultry complex Mogilevskay began its work last week.


In the first year of operation the new complex, equipped with only the most advanced technology will reach a production capacity of 20 thousand per year. The total amount of investment in the reconstruction process of the project is estimated at 150 billion Belarusian rubles (US$ 26 mln), an unprecedented amount for the poultry industry in Belarus.

Mogilevskay was constructed during the time of the Soviet Union, but after 1990’s the production process became extremely unprofitable due to lack of sufficient funding. Five years ago, Mogilevskay was transferred to the company "Servolux," one of the largest private poultry producers in the country, under the condition of attracting major investments to this project.

"Five years of renovation, with active financial support were not in vain. Here broiler gains slaughter weight for 41 days. Daily weight gain is more than 60 grams. Even the famous Dutch chickens do not reach such figure" said Eugene Baskin, CEO of Servolux.

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