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Timashevskaya PF brings Smart Technologies to Russia's Samara region

Pas Reform continues to deliver substantial market growth in Russia, as work begins on a new Smart™ hatchery complex for Timashevskaya Poultry Farms, in the south-eastern Samara region of the country.

Timashevskaya PF is leading the region’s poultry sector reconstruction, with a Smart™ single-stage hatchery development, designed and installed by Pas Reform to be constructed in two phases, with a final capacity of 115 million eggs per year.

Phase one construction, due for completion this year, will deliver more than 56 million eggs a year. Installation will include 28 SmartSet™ 115 setters , 36 SmartHatch™ hatchers, a hatchery automation system with chick counting and take-off line and basket tipping and washing machines. Climate control with free-cooling system will be implemented through the hatchery.

When completed, the redeveloped complex will include 153 broiler houses, two slaughterhouses with a capacity of 150,000 tons, a waste processing plant and a new feedmill.

Timashevskaya’s General Director, Andrey Nikolaevich Pivnov, says the new hatchery will deliver 90% of the region’s demand for poultry and meat products. “This region currently produces around 40,000 tonnes of poultry meat each year, meeting less than 30% of market demand with local produce and forcing us to import from other regions.

“By addressing this massive shortfall, Timashevskaya will make a significant contribution to strengthening our regional economy. And as the largest farm complex in the region, we are also ideally located to boost employment and create new opportunities for people living here.”

Source: Pas Reform

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    Ken Marshall

    We read every week about all these new expansions and innovations, which I think are great.However the main point to look at is " Where are all the cereals going to be produced" to feed this extra stock?. Reading daily international articles the only country with a significant 9.2 % increase due is Brazil (2010/2011) harvest.

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