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Indian state supports small-scale poultry farmers

The state government in Goa, India is introducing a new scheme to support small scale poultry farming, where cash and free equipment will be provided to farmers as benefits.

Under the scheme, a beneficiary that rears a minimum of 100 birds will be entitled to a cash subsidy and a cage unit to accommodate 100 adult birds.

The aim of the scheme is to enable farmers to get fresh chicken/eggs at any time and to provide the choice of rearing broilers and layers. By adopting poultry farming, farmers can get supplementary income and a nutritive diet without engaging additional labour.

"Since the last five years, Goa has witnessed a drastic reduction in the number of poultry farms and 90% of local small scale poultry farmers were compelled to close down. The government is, therefore, offering encouragement in the form of cash subsidy to boost and supplement agricultural income of the farmers. This scheme will indirectly generate organic manure needed by the agriculture farmers," the scheme states.

The scheme is open to any individual who is a bonafide resident of Goa and rears poultry birds (broilers/layers) within the state. Farmers availing the scheme will have to undergo a one-day poultry farmer's training by the state government.

Source: The Times of India

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    How 100 birds rearing economically viable? Flock size seems to be too small.

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    jan tinholt

    Educated Poultry Entrepreneurship in Practice
    -The allotment concept embedded in a cooperative structure

    Authors: Mr. Jan Tinholt, Senior International Poultry Advisor
    Mr. Erjan Tinholt, corporate economist

    1. Summary of the idea
    The business idea herewith put forward is based on the allotment-concept. At an integrated poultry centre, local people can rent a small scale poultry house with equipment or a compartment of a poultry house for keeping poultry. This for the purpose of the production of eggs and poultry meat for own use and commercial objectives. They can make use of the knowledge and experience of the staff of the centre; the focus of the staff being not solely on production, but on training as well. Transfer of knowledge forms a vital part of this plan, to improve local production standards.
    Depending on the goals and ambitions of the people renting, �a cooperative society� can be set up. If the production of eggs and poultry meat exceed their own private demands, products can be sold to local consumers in a shop situated at the site, where profits are divided according to participation. The establishment of long-term contractual arrangements with business partners in big cities, such as the food processing industry, hotels or exporters of processed poultry products, could be a consecutive step in growth and development.

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    jan tinholt

    In addition to keeping poultry, an extra activity could be considered, namely that of cultivating vegetables.
    Pre-requisite is that land is available for undertaking this. By doing so, products can be grown that can also be used for human consumption.
    As such that chickens can obtain a multiple function; as producers of eggs and meat and at the same time yielding a by product manure, which can be used as a fertilizer for vegetable production.

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