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Suguna sets up poultry school to educate sector in India

Suguna Group has set up the Seguna Institute for Poultry Management to help educate the sector. Suguna Institute for Poultry Management, under the Suguna Foundation, was established with the aim of providing an environment for the scientific study of poultry farming.


The institute offers feed manufacturing technology, incubation, and hatchery courses as part of its well-structured curriculum.

 “Suguna shall provide continuous support to rural entrepreneurs in setting up and running their own farms and also offers 100 per cent placement to students upon completion of any of the diploma or certificate courses,” a press statement said.

The Indian poultry industry employs more than 1,00,000 people, according to Seguna group chairman Mr B. Soundararajan, most of them without formal training in poultry farming, and the institute is set redress this lack.

The institute is set in close proximity to Suguna’s plants mills farms and labs so that the students may gain practical experience in all aspects of the pultry sector.


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    Emmy Kewber

    This will be a break through in poultry industry. The approach by attaching students to farms will provide a more practical solution. that moving from theory to learning by doing. The students should be baptized as learners and the farmers to be the trainers. An integrated company like Sugana offers allmost all the potentential grounds for acquiring knowledge and skills in modern poultry management/ Husbandry.
    Please Seguna group. You are encouraged to press hard and have this project successfull.

    Emmy Kewber
    Ugachick Poultry breeders ltd.

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    Munawar Pasha

    This is a very novel and land mark social initiative guiding and developing Professional Poultry expertise.

    All the very best!!

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    Nishchal Kr. Sharma

    Good initiative by Suguna group..well done!!With this, farmers and poultry enterpreuners could be trained well to cope problems related to effective poultry mgt.

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    Ilyas Panjwani

    Really good for expansion of the industry..

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    This is a good initiative for poultry industry.Most of the experts in this field in India not having educational qualifications,they have only work experience.Opening an Institute exclusively for poultry will create a new way to this industry.
    Contract Farmer's Welfare Association,VPM,TN,INDIA

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