New adapter makes Ziggity drinkers Chore-Time compatible

Ziggity Systems is now offering an easy and economical way for producers with Chore-Time poultry watering systems to upgrade to high-performance Ziggity drinkers without replacing their existing system.

Producers just need to unscrew the existing Chore-Time nipples, remove the metal pin from the saddle, screw on the Ziggity saddle adapter, and then snap in a Ziggity TL drinker. TL drinkers feature Ziggity's latest state-of-the-art technology, primed to deliver the amount of water birds need without spillage when managed properly, thus keeping litter and pits dry, reducing ventilation costs, and improving flock performance.

"If a watering system is old or underperforming, this adapter system is designed to provide an economical way to upgrade the whole system without putting in new drinking lines and other equipment," said the company. "Ziggity is the only poultry watering system manufacturer that is 100% focused on poultry watering. That is, poultry watering systems is all we do, and TL drinkers feature the most advanced drinker technology available."

World Poultry

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