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Turkey’s challenge: Biosecurity in poultry sector

If there is one message that the thousand participants of the second International Poultry meat congress in the coastal city of Antalya Turkey took home, it’s the necessity for constant attention for biosecurity. Not only cleaning and disinfecting, also management improvements in pest control, manure transportation, vaccination and feed quality.

The attendants of the congress had the opportunity to learn from the best. Scientist from all over the world were flown in by organising committee BESD-BIR, the Turkish poultry federation. Immediately on the first day the finger was put on the sore spot by Brazilian poultry expert Osler Desouzard: “It  should be the top priority of the Turkish poultry industry to stay in the game on an international level of high biosecurity. The sector has to unite itself to improve the situation. Your sector is growing fast, but you cannot adapt your current biosecurity plans, you have to think ahead and plan for the next ten years.”

Secretary General of the Turkish WPSA branch Gulbenk Yalcin shared the thoughts of Desouzard: “At this moment we have a lot of problems. Contrary to what some say, nothing is under control here.” Yalcin stated that a growth in demand and a subsequent growth in production put a great strain on existing capability. “Of course we can  build new poultry houses, but the pressure is on existing farms. They are more or less forced by the integrations to shorten cleaning fazes between flocks and there is a lot to learn on the right way of disinfection. It should be thorough, not only cleaning for psychological reasons.”

Yalcin concludes that there is a long way to go for Turkish growers. “We are only 50% there and I don’t think we will reach the optimum soon. For that the margins are still too high in our country. Farmers see no reason for stepping up the effort, just to earn a few Lira more. However, to end on a positive note; congresses like this one sharpen the minds of our industry leaders. There was a lot to think about and I know attendants were inspired by the international renowned speakers. Knowledge is the first step in improving your management.”

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  • psa Adamski

    I believe that it is great opportunity for all cooperators and suppliers for those farms (sales reps, vets,...) to help Turkish farmers. All involved partners have to work as a team. Biosecurity starts with the basis hygiene principles - keep it simple - apply 3 x D (disinfection, deratisiation & disinsection), don't forget clean and disinfect your shoes/boots before entrance your barn - use disinfection foot mat. More info; tel (604) 496 2004

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