JPE designs collection belt for harvesting broilers

Jansen Poultry Equipment has designed a new transportable broiler collection belt that harvests broilers out of several houses. This collection belt can be fold into a compact size and contains wheels for easy transport to other houses.

The new broiler collection belt is part of the harvesting system Classic Lifting System of Jansen Poultry Equipment. The Classic Lifting System contains two parts; a lift and the broiler collection belt. The horizontal lift is located at one end of the BroMaxx broiler colony system and is able to harvest broilers out of several rows at once. The broiler collection belt is located outside the house and transports the broilers from the lift to the central loading dock. The absence of any bends and takeovers of this new belt retain the health and meat quality of the broilers.

The new broiler collection belt reduces the investments costs for poultry farmers who have more houses in the same area. 

Source: JPE

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