‘Deratification’ – removing rats from pig, poultry farms

French company Wisecon introduced a remarkable poison-free way to remove rats from pig and poultry farms. The company received one Innov’SPACE award with its innovation.

The so-called WiseBox solution is 100% poison free. It is an automatic, fast and precise method that is based on the natural behaviour of rats and mice. The device electrocutes the rats and the mice after which it is self-emptying.

With Wisebox Intelligent a daily follow-up is possible and remote monitoring of the traps. When using it, the number of killed rats and mice is accessible by internet.

Localisation via GPS is possible. There is no contact with the dead rats or mice that are kept in the plastic bag in a sealed container.

The method works without any use of chemical products. It’s easy to place either inside or outside. It sends a message to the user by text message or e-mail when it is time to empty the basket.

Using WiseBox does not require certification. The rats or the mice stay in the basket after being electrocuted. The solar panel option extends the lifetime battery.

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