DuPont launches new poultry drinking water disinfectant

A new biosecurity measure from DuPont Disinfectants, Virkon H20 has been launched and is designed specifically to improve good flock performance via the delivery of clean, pathogen free, drinking water.

Virkon H2O is an important addition to the Virkon product portfolio, DuPont claims as it offers the "science to kill pathogens" in the form of a multifunctional drinking water disinfectant and acidifier for poultry production.

Its powerful formulation is engineered to promote good flock performance by killing the major food poisoning pathogens such as Campylobacter, Salmonella, E-coli and other organisms of concern such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, all of which are a threat to poultry enterprises and have come to prominence recently, the company said on the launch of the product.

Independent studies to European test standards (EN1656) have proven Virkon H2O effective against these key pathogens at a dilution rate of 1:800.

With its powerful oxidative chemistry, it works in a number of important ways to protect the well-being of poultry that can be compromised by the rapid spread of disease-causing pathogens through drinking water systems:

  • It deters biofilm proliferation by controlling the planktonic bacteria that can initiate and increase biofilms within drinking water systems.
  • It protects against infection, especially during stress and antibiotic withdrawal periods, ensuring the highest levels of biosecurity are maintained during management processes that inevitably cause stress.
  • It assists the inactivation of antibiotics in drinking water lines, so enhancing the effectiveness of withdrawal periods prior to slaughter and additionally, compensates for the greater risk of pathogen challenge.

The product is also compatible with antibiotic reduction programmes that are increasingly being legislated for worldwide to restrict the use of prophylactic antibiotics entering the human food chain.

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