VDL Agrotech launches new broiler feed pan

VDL Agrotech has introduced in addition to its existing range of broiler feeding pans a brand new model, the Valènta.

In the design of the Valènta all aspects of modern broiler growing are incorporated, of which the broiler, feed efficiency and labour saving were the main objectives.

Past experience with existing models feeding pans combined with practical experience from fieldtests have resulted in the final design of the versatile Valènta feeding pan.

The feeding pan has a low ridge allowing the day old chicks easy and direct access to feed. The absence of a spiked grill prevents the chicks from getting caught inside the feeding pan, and promotes easy access to the feed at all ages.

The design of the feeding pan reduces the waste or loss of feed to a minimum throughout the growing cycle. A fluid feed flow in the pan at each of the six feed level settings is managed easily with the level adjuster. The Valènta feeding pan is suited for all types of dry feed: pellets, crumbled and meal. By winching up the system the feed level from high to low is automatically adjusted.

Attention has been paid on user friendliness, hygiene and cleaning of the Valènta. The pan can be easily opened and is hinged to the grill for easy cleaning. The rotating pan can be cleaned also when it is closed and has water outlet openings in the bottom.

The broiler industry is a fast developing industry, with genetic improvements and developments, public aspects, and geographical differences. The Valènta pan has various options to suit each individual need. Such as an anti-swing insert to fix the pan to the feeding tube, a cut off slide to close feed supply to individual feed pans and a reducer tube for restricted feeding. For alternative systems the pan is also available with a flat tube connection, where no anti perch wire is required.

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