News update:May 12, 2014

New cost saving LED light for poultry houses

Energy is a major cost factor in poultry production and research has shown that LED lighting is a very effective alternative for traditional lighting sources. Several tests in broiler houses have shown that broilers are performing well and investment is affordable and rentable within a short period of time.

Therefore, Hato has created the new and innovative Pulsa LED light, specially designed for main lighting solutions in poultry houses. The shape of this lamp, combined with the intelligent LED clustering and strong material makes it a perfect solution for broiler houses.

This dimmable 10W LED unit works on low safety voltage of 48VDC. The manufacturers state that another advantage of the Pulsa LED light is the cheap installation and its easy "Plug & Play" connection which needs no certified electrician.

All new products of Hato meet today's needs in terms of high-quality, energy saving and welfare-respected solutions and the company offers free advice and calculates lighting solutions in order to optimise light climate and performance of your animals.

Source: Hato

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