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Russian poultry plant fined for improper waste disposal

Sibirskaya Guberniya a poultry production plant in Siberia has been fined more than $3.5 million for improperly disposing of bird waste, creating a lake of toxic poultry droppings that have damaged the local environment.

Russia's food safety watchdog said the reservoir of liquid bird waste was discovered during a routine assessment of property belonging to the Sibirskaya Guberniya turkey meat producer in the Krasnoyarsk Region last year.

A regional court ordered the company to pay 129.5 million rubles (US$ 3.5 mln) for damage to the topsoil caused by the lake of bird waste, which spread over 16 hectares of land.

Sibirskaya Guberniya is one of the five largest producers of turkey meat in Russia, churning out 76% of all poultry in the region.

Environmental protecting organisations say that this is an unprecedented case when the court fined the livestock producers which damaged the environment. Previously there were also a couple of the similar cases that include large poultry producers, however the companies always won such cases.

Experts of the environmental protecting organization Zdorovaya Priroda (Health Nature) say that now all poultry and livestock producers should reconsider its environmental policy due to this case.

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