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Latest issue of World Poultry magazine now online

The focus of the number 6 edition of World Poultry, which is online now, is housing matters.

Providing adequate conditions in the breeder rearing period, pays off once they start producing. As the article explains, to deliver a good rearing flock to the production farm, the basic criteria of good infrastructure and management need to be met.

Additionally, the essence of good stockman ship in modern poultry farming is explained. Automated systems are very useful. But permanently observing bird behaviour remains of paramount importance and not just rely on these systems.

On the hatchery side, an informative article explains how to properly take care of hatchery debris.

Discover these and various other interesting articles in the digital magazine.

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  • Samuel Njuguna

    This has been quite informative and means of aquiring important infomation on the industry whollistically, I have gained awide perception in regard to world poultry, I am sure that Im been engineered to craft a world number one integrated indigenous outfit in Africa. God bless the founders of this wonderful source tool of information.

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