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Improving feed efficiency with new lighting product

US lighting manufacturers AHPharma, and i-lighting have teamed to introduce a new series of AviLighting high-intensity LED systems to improve the cost, energy and operational efficiencies of poultry feeding applications.

The new AviLighting product line now includes a series of control pan, feeder, layer and backyard flock water feeding systems operating at 24 volts to increase the intensity of the systems and the ability to consistently deliver biologically-humane LED lighting to poultry according to animal welfare humane requirements.

These products are also available with dimmable solutions and complete lighting solutions ( providing all the components needed to easily install 300 to 600 ft. AviLighting systems operating with two to three feeder lines.

Reduces energy costs by 50%

"The new, enhanced intensity of our AviLighting offers the ability to penetrate the skull of poultry with applications installed nine feet above feeder lines and with fewer LED bulbs," said Dr. James L. McNaughton, president & CEO of AHPharma.

"As a result, the system not only reduces energy costs by 50% when compared to competitive LED lighting systems, but also provides an ultra-reliable LED light source helping to foster normal growth and hormonal development."

Meeting the needs of commercial live production

The new AviLighting LED lighting system was co-engineered by i-lighting and AHPharma to meet the commercial live production lighting needs of areas related to bird migration/attraction and the brooding of chickens, turkeys and other poultry.

Powered by a 24 Volt DC controller with solar & back-up power compatibility, the AviLighting System can lower energy costs by 86% to 96% when compared to the use of incandescent or cold-cathode lighting and by 50% over other ceiling socket-driven LEDs that meet poultry industry lighting requirements.

In addition, AviLighting was designed as a dual colored LED Feeder Light that can typically be used as the sole light source or as a supplement to existing ceiling LEDs to attract chicks evenly to feed and watering areas.

World Poultry



    Efficient management of broilers especially on the first week of life depends primarily on provision of optimum brooding temperatures and adequate lightening. These twain factors facilitate re-absorption of the remnant yolk-sacs and efficient utilization of the nutrients in their feeds for good acclimatization and proper development.

  • gubbi lokanath

    Have different types of Colored Lights been attempted, since it is well established that certain colours promote juvenile growth, prevent cannibolism and improve feed conversion efficiency,besides reducing chick mortality/morbidity ? The effect of continuous and intermittent lighting at different ages of broiler growth should be considered worthwhile.

  • Vishwaas Kaushik

    Is that available in india...

  • Vishwaas Kaushik

    Is that available in india...

  • Narayan Redd Dasari

    If it is available in India it is very very useful .

  • Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh

    I would like more information about this lighting programe
    if there a full text about using this programe, please send me it(

  • Michael Barnas

    Gubbi - We have been working with Blue lights in place of darkness to simulate moon light and calm the birds... Otherwise, we have not done much research or trials with other colored lights (green or red for example). However, as we do manufacture the product right here in Maryland (USA) we have the ability to outfit the feeder lights with whatever secondary color you wish (White/Blue, White/Green, White/Red, etc.) If you have a request for a specific color, please get in touch and we'll work out getting you product to test.

  • Michael Barnas

    Narayan - This product is available in India. We manufacture the product in the USA and distribute directly to customers all over the world, so you won't find it in a retail store, but it is available directly from us. Please email me directly at with any questions or order-placements.

  • Michael Barnas

    Vishwaas - please contact me at if you're interested in purchasing the system for your operation in India. Our product line is available world-wide!

  • Matheus Lima

    I am looking for ways to evaluate the effects of color and intensity of illumination in poultry production, and that assessing several aspects. Would like to know where to buy or if there is any company that can offer us in working partnerships. I'm at a University in Brazil. My email is

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