News update:May 12, 2010

Mass lobby over pollution prevention

Three UK organisations are urging poultry producers to take part in a mass lobby of MPs on October 25 in relation to the new Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control regulations.

The National Farmers Union (NFU), British Poultry Council and the British Egg Industry Council hope the action will secure a three year waiver on costs for the new law.
The groups say the poultry industry should self-regulate and carry out independent inspections for the new environmental regulations.
In a joint statement the three industry bodies said: “All sectors in the poultry industry have actively responded to consumer demand and farmers have already significantly invested on farms to meet the environmental demands within the IPPC.
“The industry is not against the new environmental IPPC regulation but with years of downward price pressure and the effect of avian flu…farmers cannot continue to absorb regulatory fees when they are not recouping the cost of production.”
NFU chief poultry advisor Maria Ball asked poultry producers to make an appointment with their local MP at the Houses of Parliament on 25 October to discuss the impact of IPPC on their business.

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