News update:Dec 20, 2006

South Korea rejects poultry talks

South Korea and the US have been at odds since Seoul rejected all three shipments of US beef that have arrived since the end of a three-year ban triggered by fears of mad cow disease for containing bone fragments.

South Korea has now rejected a US request to discuss American poultry imports as part of broader free trade talks, the issue should not be discussed within the framework of the free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations. South Korea and the US are negotiating the FTA, which they hope to wrap up early next year.
"Recently, the US asked that American beef imports and the easing of import bans on poultry products during bird flu outbreaks be discussed in this week's session," said South Korea's Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, adding that working level discussions on sanitary and quarantine issues had already been delayed because of the US request.
The US Embassy in Seoul had no comment.

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