Sri Lankan company using Cryovac

Farm's Pride, of the Crysbro Group in Sri Lanka, has introduced the latest Cryovac poultry packaging, offering improvements in hygiene as well as in processing and manufacturing efficiency.

The shrink-wrap vacuum packages offer minimal free moisture and are leak-proof, which the company says will provide the consumer with better value for money.
Crysbro's Cryovac poultry products will be available in four different standard sizes and price marked according to size and weight.
Crysbro has been involved in rearing chicken since 1972, and is the only poultry processor in Sri Lanka to receive ISO 14001 environmentally safe and British Consortium Certification.
Crysbro Chairman, Mohamed Imtiaz, said that the company supports more than 2,000 families through direct and indirect employment.
Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Agriculture, said that Crysbro should receive due recognition for their effort in improving the standards of the food sector.

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