Current Challenges of the Poultry Industry

Poultry meat and egg production have shown a considerable increase since 1970. The increase in the size of the poultry industry has been faster than other food-producing animal industries. The trade volume of poultry products has also increased parallel to the rapid growth of global poultry meat and egg production.

Poultry meat and egg production have shown a considerable increase since 1970. The increase in the size of the poultry industry has been faster than other food-producing animal industries. The trade volume of poultry products has also increased parallel to the rapid growth of global poultry meat and egg production.
It seems that things have started to change. Feed prices, as the major expenditure of poultry production, are increasing. Disease outbreaks and related issues continue to cause significant economic losses in the industry. Nowadays, consumers are paying much more attention to quality and safety of poultry products that they eat.
Here are a few simple but very important questions that we can discuss in this blog:

• Where the industry is going from here?
• What will happen to profitability of the poultry industry?
• In which part of the world will the industry be more affected?
• What have been the immediate consequences of this volatility for your poultry business, in particular, and the poultry industry in your country, in general?


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    dr shoaibniazi(pakistan)

    1. I think poultry industry has a great threat now a days especially we feel great need to improve our bio-securities.

    2. In this situation i can say that we may suffer heavy loss in coming years.

    3. In south asia we are feeling great threat to our industry.

    4. I think the bad bio-securities and open farming practices by lay man are the most volatile factor and also there must be now some legal work regarding this industry now. It may not happen that you have a parent flock and some layman makes a open poultry farm beside your farm. It must be stopped.

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    Dr. Abdul Qader Samsor,Livestock advisor / ASAP /

    Hi colleagues. The quality of the medicaments and vaccines is also a critical issue in some countries like Afghanistan and neighbouring areas, higher the price and lower the quality. In our country lack of rules and regulations for import and export of poultry and poultry products as well. thanks.

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    Dr Narayan Paudyal, National Breeders Nepal Pvt. L

    In my opinion,the greatest challenge to the poultry industry recently is, the soaring cost of corn and soya.With ever inceasing feed cost and competition with human food, we need to look for some other non conventional feed stuffs for use in poultry industry. Unorganized farming, rampant use of vaccines and medications and the opportunistic brokers are more threats to the developing poultry industry like those we have in Nepal.

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    Dr.Romila iyer , Manager Business Developmen

    Hi Yegani , Pl. find my coments :

    *. Developing countries will have abundant opprtunities for growth and will grow fast due to significant economic improvement .

    *. With respect to India , Integration is gaining strenghth year after year with special focus on Nutrition and disease management . As a result poultry production is becoming cost competitive .

    *. Feed cost is soring day by day.

    *. Due to increse in Urban consumption , shift from wet market to dressed or frozen market is happening .

    *. Organised Retail sector is booming , paving way for cold chain development and other allied factors .

    *. Chicken meat is being considered as the ideal protein source with less cholesterol content .

    *. We have lot of export opprtunities if certain policy decisison and formalitie from the Government can support the Industry .


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    Joe Thomas

    Itis evidently clear that the need has arisen for more cooperation with poultry enterprises in the developing worlds,like Nigeria where mostly the cost of most feed inputs are largely cheaper.You can always reach me,as a consultant on chiihej@gmail.com

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    As usually, you are focusing on poultry industry, not taking in account that,in developing countries most poultry is produced at family level and represents an important source of income for poor people,especially women,children and disabled.In fact,I do not care very much about the rich poultry business managers of developing and emerging countries,whose main interest is becoming always wealthier and are absolutely not interested about the future of the majority of their fellow citizens.

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    The greatest problem is the soaring prices of feed which in the SEA has risen by more than 40% and farmers has to be thought how to use various
    agricultural products using
    modern rechnology such asenzyme technologies .Also
    in some countries there is
    control on poultry meat and eggs and this should be removed and should be as per
    supply and demand.Then the industry will be in the right
    path irrespective of feed prices.Farmers should get a fair price for their products.
    More and more research has to be done on the use of DDGS in
    feed of course taking into consideration of some constraints.in using the same.

    enzyme technology and products

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    Though there has been a lot of
    talk on feed prices yet the farmers and feedmillers should be thought the usage of
    various agricultural by products using enzyme technology.There should not be and control on the prices of eggs and poultry meat as done in some countries and they should move according to supply and demand and farmmers should get a fare share of their produce.The industry in every country is on a growth curve in spite of all the hurdles.There should be more control on the indiscriminate usage of antibiotics in feed and this dhould be controlled by proper registration and guidance.This has already started in Malaysia and we expect to complete the excersise by the year 2008.

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    Tahir Malik (brailer grower) Pakistan

    Hi, in my opinion, now a days poultary industry has major threat from it less consumption.Consumer are fear due to bird flu.

    I think there should be work in any standardized method which provide the general public a Checked meat form all disease.

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    Naveen, RFCL, India

    With increasing food security, focus is now on food saferty even in third world countries like Safro-Asian continents.Domestic and western companies eying to grow in this market has to look at the speed and opportunities for growth instead of profitability only.The only two factors which are going to lead this growth are, affordablity and availablity of these poultry foods across the consumer groups. If at all profitabilty is going to be achieved, it is through innovation and solutions for poultry farming not by mere presence and offerings of the product list.

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    Dr. Devendra S Verma, Technical Director, BIOMIN (

    Dear Mojtaba,

    Taking into consideration next 3 years for the Poultry Industry in India, an increasing human population base with increasing purchase power will make it grow at fast rate.

    The major factors affecting the industry would be overall increase of prices of raw materials, thus pressure on cost of production, shipping costs, and factor like low dollar rates affecting the exports.

    AI will continue to threat the existence of poultry industry, but the challenge lies in beating this threat by providing knowledge to the consumers, making them an ‘informed’ buyer, rather than a ‘scary’ buyer.

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    Dr S Toke, Group Product Manager, WOCKHARDT,Mumbai

    I feel Poultry business will face multiple challenges in terms of Volume, Quality & Feed availability. Developing countries would need volume increase to meet per capita consumption. Demand for free range birds/eggs is increasing especially in developed countries indicationg need of quality in terms of high nutritive value & less cholesterol content. Ethanol production & increasing usage of soya in human might impact feed avilabilty to poultry. It may also create pressure for increased usage of DDGS in feed. The Genetic upgradation of breeds, intesive research in Feed technology/usage can address the situtaion & become growth drivers

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    Currently in Uganda poultry feeds are rather scarce and therefore expensive. At the end of the day one cannot realise any profits but losses. I think this will discourage new entrants into the poultry business and also send off the current ones.

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    Dr Adebayo Kolade, Animal Care Services Konsult, N

    To answer your question, "Where is the industry going from here?", I think it is a forward direction. No doubt there are challenges, but it is gratifying to observe that this is one industry where practitioners are always thinking and talking. Contrary to what one or two persons have written, the feed challenge is global. Both backyard and commercial concerns are affected. And so it is worthy of attention. It is a lie that developing nations are not affected by the current flux in feed ingredient prices. In fact, as in most issues in these days of globalisation, developing nations are on their way to becoming worst hit by the ingredient crisis in the poultry industry. Unless we act fast, our local productions shall not be competitive, price wise, and we shall make ourselves vulnerable once again to the import market, which shall spell doom for local production.
    I agree that the answer lies in further research, especially in national or regional contexts. What works in the US may not work (or at least as well) in my nation.

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    MR.ALAO,S.O, AAA Farms, Ikorodu,Nigeria

    The poultry industry is now the focus of every average enterprineur and has been seen to be a business that will be widely embraced world wide.
    • The profitability of the poultry industry is currently challenged by the incessant increase and scarcity of poultry feeds materials most expecilly those that has relatively high constituent of metabolisable energy and crude protein.
    • irrespective of country the effect of poultry feed on profitability will be obvious but more on the developing countries.
    • This effect of poultry feed incessants price increse has been a reducing factor on the farmers profit level and affect expanssion plans.

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    Tekeba Eshetie

    I find it very positive and informative and please send such kind of information from poultry scientists coz I am a poultry man. Thank you
    Tekeba Eshetie
    p.o.box 386
    Bahir Dar

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