Bhutan sets price for chicken imports

Two weeks after the import of chicken and other poultry products were suspended in the country, the trade department, having recently fixed the prices for imported chicken, has now allowed dealers to resume the trade.

Trade officials had temporarily stopped the import of poultry and its products to address the high retail prices charged by Arambagh Hatcheries , an Indian poultry company and the sole supplier to Bhutan. Trade director, Sonam P. Wangdi said that they had to intervene to control the soaring prices of chicken caused mainly because of the monopoly and the involvement of middlemen in the supply chain.
“Anybody getting charged higher than the fixed rates should get to us,” said Wangdi. “The prices will remain [fixed] until more players come into the market.”
The trade department has already identified ten chicken and egg suppliers from various parts of India. While more chicken suppliers are expected to join the market in a few months, trade officials have already permitted about three companies for supply of eggs in the country.
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