News update:May 12, 2010

Philippines may be leader in food safety

The Philippines, along with Brunei and Singapore, remain among a few countries in the Asian region that have not been infected by the dreaded H5N1 virus.

Likewise, the Philippines is also enjoying a Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)-free status compared to its neighbour, Malaysia which, because it is not a pork consuming nation, is a big exporter of pork products. The Philippines can take advantage of its AI and FMD-free status to expand the export market for its chicken and pork products, Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap recently pointed out.
Qualibet is a food, water, pharmaceutical and veterinary testing facility accredited by various government agencies, has been actively working with the Department of Agriculture (DA), led by Agriculture Secretary Yap. Tobiano and Yap agree that food safety is of utmost importance especially at this time when the Philippines is enjoying an enviable status as being free from bird flu and foot and FMD.
To capture the export market though, Yap stressed that Philippine food products must meet all the necessary phytosanitary and quality tests of importing countries. Countries such as the United States, the European Union and Japan, have very strict food safety and quality standards. While the government has existing facilities to test most products, Yap welcomes the services of such firms as Qualibet to assist the government ensure the safety of Philippine agricultural and animal products.
The Philippines just recently passed the EU's rigorous hazard analysis test which would pave the way for Philippine exports of tuna, bangus and prawns to Europe.
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