UPDATE: AI protection zone in place after UK outbreak

Disinfection procedures for the Bernard Matthews farm at Holton (UK), where 160,000 turkeys have been culled, are now underway.

British Poultry Council (BPC) Chief Executive, Mr. Peter Bradnock said, “The apparent containment and culling of this outbreak has proved how effective partnership between government and the poultry sector can be."
The swiftness and efficiency in dealing with the outbreak is due to the hard work and co-operation between the State Veterinary Service, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and other government Aagencies, and the company and other poultry farmers. Controls are in place around the farm and in the surrounding area.
A protection zone of 3km radius and a surveillance zone of 10km have been in place since Saturday. A wider restricted zone is also in place, covering an area of approximately 2090sq km. It requires the housing of all poultry or, if that is not possible, the complete separation of poultry farms from wild birds. Movement of all poultry and poultry products within these zones is controlled under licence.
Commenting further, Bradnock said, “This outbreak has been contained and the risk to the general public is judged by health experts to be negligible."
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