UK: Supermarket declines Jamie Oliver's poultry debate invite

Leading food retailer, Sainsbury's has refused an invitation from chef Jamie Oliver to participate in a public debate about the way battery farmed chickens are treated.

Oliver, also the face of Sainsabury's, has invited the retailer as part of his new programme Jamie's Fowl Dinners, which investigates battery farming.

Supermarkets shy away
There is a section of the show where a Sainsbury's representative appears in a filmed segment, however, no-one showed to take part in the main section.

It was reported that Tesco, Asda and Morrisons also refused the invitation to discuss the battery-farmed products that also stock up their shelves.

'It is shocking that the people I work for didn't turn up on the day. I don't know why . . . The question is why didn't they come, what's there to hide? I just don't know,' said Oliver.

The Co-op and Waitrose participated, and Hellmans mayonnaise company, which agreed that by February its labels would display that their products use battery eggs.

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