Veterinary drugs: health for poultry and humans

Proper use of veterinary drugs is essential for optimising animal health status and improving animal productivity. Veterinary drugs have various uses such as disease prevention, therapeutic treatment of disease and for growth promotion.

Proper use of veterinary drugs is essential for optimising animal health status and improving animal productivity. Veterinary drugs have various uses such as disease prevention, therapeutic treatment of disease and for growth promotion.
However, farmers should take several considerations into account when choosing veterinary drugs, namely indication, registration number, composition and directions for use.
Antibiotics are widely used by farmers and are considered a miracle; effective in fighting all kinds of infectious diseases plus as a growth promoter.
Application of veterinary drugs in food producing animals must be done carefully to prevent potential risks to public health in relation to possible residues in animal products such as meat, milk and eggs.
Recently there have been poultry problems in developing countries, specifically in Indonesia, this has been due to tough competition in selling veterinary drugs. A lot of animal health companies in Indonesia (local and international) compete to sell their products. This leads to the misuse of veterinary drugs by the poultry farmers especially in commercial broiler and layer chicken.
This misuse happens because the farmers rarely adhere to the directions for use. Plus the technical support of animal health companies often neglect after-sales services, such as giving good information about the proper use of the drugs.
This problem is so dangerous because the misuse of veterinary drugs, such as over-dosing, will directly affect the chickens and have a potential risk to humans because of residues that can end up in final products.
I think the technical support of the pharma-companies should not only think about profits and bonuses when selling their products, but also invest in after-sales services.
This is very important because the majority of poultry farmers in developing countries are people that have little education and easily administer medicines the wrong way.
If you have experienced the same in your country, reply to this blog and tell me how you solved this problem.


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    saeid pouresmaeil(from Iran)

    hello.your information are good,but I want khnow more about hatchery and chick quality.

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    Simon Shane

    Refer to the "Prudent Use Principles" for Veterinary drugs as enforced by the US FDA.
    It is necessary to train and monitor Veterinarians as to the appropriate use of drugs.
    Involvement at all levels from regulators to contractors is critical Thailand solved the problem of nitrofurans in poultry. China et al have not.
    Industries must recognize that drugs are only ameliorative in reducing losses. Underlying deficiencies in management , housing, nutrition ,vaccination and biosecurity must be resolved. In the context of Asia this realistically requires restructuring of poultry production to eliminate subsistence production and live bird marketing.Sad but an evolutionary imperative.

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    Dr.Amarasingha - Sri Lanka

    This is very important write up because Sri Lanka is also faced for this problem since 2004.
    There is up coming trend of high early chick mortality due to poor management of all over the broiler breeding and hatchery/s at present in Sri Lanka. Heavy dose of sensitive antibiotic/s are indispensable to control EC M. But, it is not a good strategy and it is essential to improve TQM of all levels of all breeding and hatchery/s. I have experienced in INDIA that has also similar situation during recent past.
    So, I request to address this issue frequently until showing significant improvement of proper usage of antibiotic/s.

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    Joko Prihanto it is very important for the pharma company in recruiting technical service worker as it determines the future success in vet drug business. The companies are adviced to carefully select people to be posted in that position. The information from the farmer that the technical support have visited urgently needed due to it provides details of what might the technical support worker said and did to the farmer in the efforts to monitor the fault included misused or over dosing the drug administered by the farmer.
    The farmer company must ask their technical support worker about the farmer's telephone number to recheck back later what to be done in the field or encourage farmer to give the weekly recording of their flock to the company......

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    dr sushanth rai,

    dear arief
    poultry pharma companies in india is more concerned with sales as they would meet poultry farmers promote their product , invariable lead in wrong dignosis and misuse of drugs

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    Otis Mudiyo

    I actually have a question regarding the subject.How would the excessive use growth promoters and or Growth hormones affect humans. I was told by my veterinary Doctor friend of mine that the use of especially growth hormones could be reponsible for premature 'maturity' of children. I was told this is more evident in girls and the increased sexual (prematurely) activity of both boys and girls.

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    Joko Prihanto

    If the technical support of the pharma-companies should only think about profits and bonuses when selling their products,we need to take a look at company's policy to all of their worker, why such a behaviour could take place.

    The company should work together with the government in creating the conducive working condition and standart operasional procedure.

    The strictly supervision in the real life condition is strongly needed to correct misuse of the drugs. A second visit to the farm may be neccesary after a report of visit from the technical sopport officer.

    One more important thing we should tell the technical support regarding the danger of misuse of the drug in the long term.

    From Joko Prihanto of Indonesia

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    David Anon

    Poor management is the real issue and companies rely too much on drugs as an alternative. Nothing more needs to be added.

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    Dear Arief Fachrudin
    Health Canada is responsible for protecting human and animal health and the safety of Canada's food supply. Through the Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD), Health Canada evaluates and monitors the safety, quality and effectiveness, sets standards and promotes the prudent use of veterinary drugs administered to food-producing and companion animals.

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    Dadan Mauluddin,

    That's the reality. I think it depends on Pharma companies value. I believe the customer will give judgement if we not give the best solution.

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    Adeola Adekemi (Nigerian)

    It is mportant that each firm management set their goals aright which should centre on consumer satisfaction without compromising food safety & standard.This i belief will further ensure that there is good poultry mgt, nutrition policy,housing policy e.t.c in place.

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    Mohit Agarwal

    There is no denying the fact that indiscriminate use of antibiotics leads to resistance towards it by the pathogens and hence it should be stopped. The resistant pathogens become more dangerous for the bird as well as the consumers. The point is why this is happening? This is because of the poor management conditions in the farms and feed mills, and poor education of the farmers. I think imparting knowledge to the bird rearers on how to maximise their profits by using less of antibiotics will be useful in improving the situation and we at Vetcare, India do exactly the same by promoting more nutritional and hygiene products than antibiotics.

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    Most problem in farms come from poor management.
    Some pharma-companies are very selfishness,they want to sell product more than care animals health.

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    nasiru muhammad gwaram

    I think the pharma companies should be writing direction of use in area local language as most users can read and understand very well.Also,the danger of making application mistake be include.

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    Raditya, Indonesia

    Lots of problem occured because of profit oriented. I hope pharma companies pay much attention on consumer service especially the technical practices.
    Good job Arief!!

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    DENIS ARPAFO : ventilation equipment Sale Departme

    I think the concern over the Antibiotic usage is already been set into open for longer time now. People grow and matures and already understand the risk about that improper usage and the ban against the improper usage. Concerns are now raised that chicken products raised with no antibiotics are easily sold at the market. I mean, If you know that company that says that their chickens are no antibiotic raised. Anyway, the usage of antibiotics and other medicines for poultry are to be implemented or supervised by a farm trusted veterinarian. The veterinarian should strictly imposed his obligation not just by keeping the animal in good condition and grow fast but to ensure a healthy meat product available on the market. I mean there is no issue there... awareness is already been called out for longer time now... it is the people who operates the farm are the one who are not deligent enough to observe the proper handling of the product. I beleive the FARMERS should BE EDUCATED first about the medicines, the proper handling and the health risk for the mis use of the veterinary drugs before giving them the license to operate a POULTRY farms.

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    Dr Sabur . FTDC Trade & Consultation . Bangladesh

    Its a very realistic problem in the developing countries where hundereds of unethical traders side by side with local manufacturers and good foreign companies are fighting for their share. And trying to sell all the most essential to almost of no use products. Your policy makers can develop a SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] for registration of new trading companies to stop entry of unwanted products. The industry leaders and associations should take the intitiative to convince the Government. You may even arrange an awareness seminar/workshop on the issue. Practising Vets, consultants and industry leaders may be the participants. Recommendations from the occassion may be published in national dailies and with forwarding copies to relevant ministries. etc. etc.

  • Anajli Kalan

    I post is use, as per the aarkstore research team Proper use of veterinary drugs helps animals health.

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