News update:Mar 22, 2010

Environmentally friendly poultry meat packaging

International Tray Pads and Packaging Inc., a US based packaging firm has said that using its range of 'S' tray packaging pads results in a much lower carbon footprint than conventional products.

The firm claims that, thanks to the extra-absorbent qualities of its pads, the energy requirements for production, transportation, and warehouse storage and handling are reduced.

Designed for fresh meat

The tray pads, which were created specifically for use with fresh meat and poultry, use super absorbent polymers which, according to the company, hold and retain 35-50% more moisture than traditional paper/pulp pads. Its standard all-paper 4.5 inches x 7 inches tray pad will absorb 50g of moisture; by contrast, the equivalent product in its ‘S’ range will hold over 100g.

Increased energy efficiency

Because of the improvement in performance, it means that the tray pads can be up to 33% smaller than other products, thereby resulting in increased energy efficiency.

Due to their smaller size, its ‘S’ tray pads require less raw material than standard products and by cutting back on its use of bleached cellulose pulp, the key production material, it is assisting to preserve natural resources, stated the company.

International Tray Pads and Packaging, Inc., highlights the absorbent qualities of its product as much as the reduced carbon footprint.

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Natalie Berkhout

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