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Poultry nutritionists and veterinarians; how interactive are they?

The poultry industry is a complex network of technical people with different educational backgrounds such as genetics, production management, nutrition, veterinary medicine, and engineering.

The poultry industry is a complex network of technical people with different educational backgrounds such as genetics, production management, nutrition, veterinary medicine, and engineering.
Nutritionists and veterinarians are usually considered as two dominant categories in commercial poultry production. It is a well-known fact that having a fully cooperative management team is of paramount importance in order to be able to achieve production goals and stay in this highly competitive business.
Efficient interactions of poultry nutritionists and veterinarians are essential to this accomplishment. We, as nutritionists or veterinarians, can discuss the following questions in this blog:
1.  How interactive are you as a poultry nutritionist or veterinarian?
2.  Blaming someone else could be a first reaction to a problem. Has this 
     been your experience when a problem occurs in your farm?
3.  Nutritionists and veterinarians can efficiently benefit from each other's
     knowledge and practical experiences. Do you agree with this?



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    Laurence MAZURANOK

    I totally agree that nutritionists and veterinarians can be complementary. Unfortunatly, each specialist seemed to be in his own world. Nowadays, the most interesting is at the border between nutrtion and health: how nutrition can favour or avoid some digestive problems...?

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    Abdul Qader samsor

    poultry production and its safty for human being is a ccordinated and colaburative work, might be give nam ot team work, the reaction of veternarian for growth, piosonious material,fungus and other factors are very important for improvement of nutritionist job and also other way around. even though vet know about nutrition as a factor or predisposing factor for healthe and diseases and lessetr growth points of view. this is why the factories or feed mills will have close contact. thanks

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    Dr Ali Ahmed

    yes, this is of utmost importance to have interaction between Nutritionists and veterinarians.they must share their knowledge for efficient and economical farming.

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    Saif Ul Haq

    The veterinarians and nutritionists should work in a feedback system with attitude of identification and rectification of the problem and its solution.

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    Simon Shane

    Integration of nutrition and poultry medicine requires cross training not merely cooperation between and among individuals. Believe me I have functioned as both a PhD nutritionist and board certified poultry veterinarian for 35 years on three continents and I observe something new every week.

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    Dr.Mehdi.Moghadam (IRAN)

    yes i agree
    for example:there are extremely important interaction, synergisms, and antagonisms between nutrition and immunity that markedly affect productivity of poultry.two types of interactions occur.first nutrition can impact the immunocompetence of birds and thus their resistance to infectious disease.second,immune responses due to infectious challenges impact growth . reproduction, metabolism, and nutrient requirments.
    result either nutritionists or veterinarians need for solve problems in farm

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    Lea Aglipay

    Yes. We can only be as efficient in the production process when there is an open communication line between veterinarians and nutritionists. Acknowledging the specialized skills and functions that each can totally support the birds' health or nutrition can not only bring forth more profit to the company but also a pleasant working environment for all.

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    Dr.Suhendar Singh Chabbra. ( INDIA )

    Author has raised a very important issue. In Most of the cases Animal Nutritionist is first an Veterinarian.Hence he must assess the problem from both view points as a team worker. Interactions can break the barriers of knowledge sharing and help in finding better and viable solutions for the emerging problems of Livestock Industry as a whole, for benifit.

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    Andres Ortiz

    Absolutely idiot idea to work separately...

    From a vet involved in nutrition since 20 years.

    How many clinical and subclinicals problems can be avoided working on nutritional aspects?

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    dr shahid karim

    it will be excellent to share the experiences to each other.

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    yes, sharing experiencs and knowledge is very important.. and the company would benefit from it

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    Since nutrition play a major role in disease prevent interm of animals ability to withstand diseases and respond to some preventive vaccination. a good rapour between veterinarians and nutritionist will save farmers from unnecessary headache.

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    nigel h. elliott

    There has to be synergism between vets and nutritionists as they are the first line of defence when a disease situation threatens an operation. At the company i work with the vets and nutritionist are part of the field operation management team

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    Dr Oluwole Banjo (Nigeria)

    ithink the problem starts from the training school,where each is trained to see himself as been more knowledgeable and superior in the industry than the other,hence must always head the team either on the field or in political appointments. I agree with Dr Simon Shane comment on cross training and integration and not mere cooperation because there is always something new to learn from each other everyday. Nutrition,health and medicine cannot be separated.

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    Amiya Dharmapada Nath

    Yes I agree with it.But officially it seems incorrect because the veternarian sometimes finger out towars the nutritionist and nutritionist answered towards Vet's negligency like management etc.But if they will discuss positively then it will be efficiently benefit.

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    Dr.Arif Malik

    In the present specialisation era,both nutrition and Vet. issues have its own importance,collectivily or saparete,doesnot matter.
    What matters is the knoldge and implimentations of respective riles.

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    I would like to be in touch with any company that can train me on formulating animal nutrition.I will pay for this service.

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    Dr Rachid Mohra from Algeria

    the poultry industry is very complex busines,i do agree that veterinarian &nutritionist are two dominant categories,so they should work together in order to resolve the huge problems in poultry industry.

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    I think both nutritionists and veterinarians are correleted each other just like two brothers in a family.Both have vital rule in poultry industry.

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    Haronur Rashid

    A veterinarian may be an nutritionist also but when the question is regarding to poultry production then specialist in poultry nutritionist is best. Also he/she may be a veterinarian.

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    Dr.Mohammad Tufail Banday(Kashmir)

    I agree that there should be an interaction between a nutritionist and a veterinarian where in they can work hand in hand for the upliftment of livestock sector particularly in the developing countries who are facing challanges like bird flue and other emerging diseases.

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    Dr. M. Mahbub Alam Akond

    Yes. Nutritionists and veterinarians can efficiently benefit from each other’s
    knowledge and practical experiences.

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    Dr. Clark Coronado

    yes, I totally agree that each specialist should be able to work together rather than blaming one another. Me and our nutritionist works well and gives feedback to one another to achieve our target.

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