KFC introduces Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken of Yum Brands is known for its selection of Original Recipe and Extra Crispy fried chicken. But now, the company is trying something news - Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The aim of Kentucky Fried Chicken's new move is to include non-fried foods on its menu.
"This great tasting product will help KFC continue to evolve and increase our relevance among consumers looking for non-fried menu options," said Gregg Dedrick, president of KFC, in a statement.
Reuters reports that a slowing US economy has taken a toll on domestic results at many fast food chains as people are spending less money eating at restaurants.
"Results for 2007 fell short of expectations and underscored the need for dramatic change," said KFCChief Executive David Novak, adding that the company was working on a new line of grilled chicken menu items and that it planned to give the business a more youthful image in its new advertising campaign.
Additionally, the company stated that Kentucky Grilled Chicken will be supported with three new television commercials.
The new grilled chicken is being tested in Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, San Diego, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, Florida, and Austin, Texas, with a nationwide roll-out expected for early 2009.

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