Kegg Farms applauded as first cage-free egg producer in Indian

The Humane Society International, the international arm of The Humane Society of the United States, has commended Kegg Farms for being the first egg producer in India to label its eggs as 'cage-free'.

Merinews reports that since, its inception in 1967, Kegg Farms has never kept its flocks in cages. “For me it is not a question of economics, it is an expression of my personal values and beliefs,” says founder and CEO of Kegg Farms, who states that the cage-free system is 'infinitely more compassionate' than the more common battery cage system.
HSI, which urges consumers to avoid purchasing or consuming battery-cage eggs, has launched a campaign against the use of battery cages in India, citing the cruelty inherent in keeping animals confined in such a small and tightly packed space.
Until recently, consumers have not been able to tell the difference between cage-free or battery system egg due to lack of informative labelling on the egg cartons sold. By labelling their eggs as cage-free, Kegg Farms now provides consumers with this information to make a better informed choice.
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