News update:May 12, 2010

Noble Foods launches eco-friendly eggs

British egg company, Noble Foods, has launched a new eco-friendly free-range egg called "Ecowise".

According to the company, the Ecowise egg concept has been developed to provide the environmentally conscious consumer the option to eat greener eggs by choosing a pack that can be recycled and a method of production which is not only free-range but also minimises the effects of carbon on the planet.
"The Eco project seeks to produce the power each farm needs for lighting, heating and refrigeration etc through renewable energy sources via the use of wind turbines. Additional foliage and mature trees assist in capturing carbon from the environment but also enrich the range for the hens," says Finn Cottle, Marketing Director of Noble Foods.
The company states that the hens that produce the eggs are well tended, free to roam under the trees and come and go as they please during the day and kept warm and safe indoors at night. Noble Foods further states that Ecowise eggs are laid by British hens, eating a cereal based vegetarian diet and are accredited by the British Lion Code of Practice.
Cottle concludes: "Noble Foods as a company is planning a range of initiatives to reduce packaging materials and the impact we have on the environment. The packaging on our Ecowise eggs is made from recycled and compostable materials and eventually we would like to take the labels off the pack too."
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