Pakistan - bird flu vaccines and consumer awareness campaigns

The Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) has proposed a 50% subsidy on imported H5N1 vaccines.

The Association is urging the government to ensure that 3,000 million doses of bird flu vaccines are readily available in the Veterinary Research Institute in Lahore to combat the virus in good time in the case of an outbreak.
Association Chairman Abdul Basit has suggested that immediate steps be taken to ensure the revival of the poultry sector to meet the requirement of poultry meat and eggs of the people of Pakistan. He said vaccination in the areas where there has been an outbreak of the disease (50 km around) is essential for poultry farmers.
Additionally, Basit stated that there needs to be a law that will ensure that poultry farms are registered. NOC for constructing new poultry farm must be obtained from provincial secretaries of livestock and dairy development. These approvals should be given, keeping in view some major guidelines, such as distance at least 1 km from another poultry farm and 3 km from hatchery or breeding farms. The proponent shall have fortification such that movement of men and animals is to be checked. Proposed poultry farm shall have boundary wall, gate, bio-security room at gate and a mortality pit in the premises of the farm.
Another area of concern is public awareness of bird flu, he said, and proposed that enough cash be allocated for a campaign. He also proposed special rebate for advertisements on TV and print media for public awareness on nutrition related health issues.
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