UK chicken campaign results in egg shortage

Britain is currently experiencing a free-range egg shortage, which may last until the end of the year.

The Telegraph has reported that a recent campaign has led to a huge number of consumers converting to free-range eggs, creating a massive demand and consequently a shortage in supply. However, retailers have said that it could be December before there is a large enough supply of free-range chickens to satisfy the needs of customers.
Since January, when a series of documentaries on chicken welfare was aired in Britain, sales have increased by 50-100% at different supermarkets, says the Telegraph. As a result, stocks are running out in some stores, and apparently company executives from Britain's biggest egg packers have been touring the country asking farmers to convert.
Chicken buyer for Sainsbury's, David Kettle, said sales of higher welfare and free-range chicken were up 53% in January, February and March compared to 2007. "It's fair to say we have seen a significant shift since January. If you look at all the retailers, everyone across the piece has struggled to meet demand on free range," he said. "We were looking at moving more into that area. Unfortunately even that has not been enough and we are still not meeting demand."

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