Gemperle Farms responds to shocking video footage

Gemperle Farms has responded to video images that were released recently that uncovered the mistreatment and abuse of birds on one of the company's farms.

The release reportedly read as follows:
The Gemperle family has always maintained the highest science-based standards for animal care on our farms. These standards are monitored by our management team and also independent veterinarians on a regular basis. We do not tolerate abuse of our hens.
We have reviewed the video images claiming to represent our practices, and find the accusations to be a staged, vicious attack on our reputable company. We are continuing to investigate and now know our employees were coerced by the activist to engage in behaviour that is against our high standards for hen welfare for the sole purpose of filming a sensational video.
The extremist violated our policies and procedures and neglected his responsibility to comply with and immediately report any and all instances of inappropriate behaviour.
Not only were some of the more sensational segments staged, the film has also been manipulated to include footage sped up to appear more forceful and extreme. Regarding one of the scenes, one of our entry-level employees has stated that he was directed by the activist to perform certain acts while being filmed.
The Gemperle family is absolutely committed to the proper welfare of our hens and adheres to the highest standards of animal welfare.
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