Japanese execs arrested, false chicken labelling

The former president of a Japanese meat processing company Hinaidori Co. in Odate, Akita Prefecture, along with 5 others, have been arrested on suspicion of falsely labelling and selling chicken and egg products as Hinai-jidori, a local premium breed of chicken.

The others arrested were two former executives of Hinaidori and three from a group firm in Odate. All six arrested men have admitted to the allegations.
According to the police, the suspects sold products falsely labeled as Hinai-jidori, including some made from old hens that had stopped laying eggs and had been purchased for well under 100 yen per bird (€0.60; US$0.95), to three companies in Akita, Morioka and Kawasaki from April 2006 through August 2007.
Sales of falsely labelled products totalled about 15 mln yen (€92,000; US$143,000).

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