Cancer Project aims at banning processed meat from school lunches

A TV commercial has been launched in the US by a cancer-prevention organisation, calling for processed meats to be removed from the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs.

The Cancer Project's "Protect our Kids" campaign claims processed meat causes cancer. The claims are based on a report by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund. This report took 5 years to complete, and was compiled from several studies from scientists and physicians from around the world.
The recommendations from the report were to avoid processed meat.
"People often think it's no big deal, but the thing is we're showing now that it really does cause cancer when you eat it on a regular basis," said nutritionist Debbie King.  "The rate of cancer is going up. It's those lifestyle changes as we age that affect us, and it's our cumulative life than what we do right then."
However, some doctors are not convinced. They say that there is not sufficient science to prove it, and that the research is not definitive. They argue it is too difficult to pinpoint one source as the cause of cancer.
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