Uganda chicken and egg prices rising

Consumers wanting to purchase chicken or eggs will have to dig even deaper into their pockets as prices in the country soar.

In a meeting held on 18 July at Lugogo, the Poultry Association of Uganda (PAU) passed a resolution to increase prices of eggs and chicken due to the shortage of chicken feeds and ever increasing food prices.
The price of a tray of eggs, and the price of a broiler, each cost Shs5,500 (€2.1) up from Shs4,500 (€1.7). PAU warns that if the price of maize and other grains continue to be scarce the price could hit Shs6,000 (€2.3).
Ugachick poultry breeders Sales and Marketing Manager, Immaculate Nabatte: "We can not continue to operate if we do not increase our prices because we spend more than we earn."
It has been reported that poultry farmers under PAU have asked the government to suspend export of food grains especially maize bran, wheat bran, rice bran and cakes from the oil industry to deal with the current shortage.
Reports from the Uganda Commodity Exchange (UCE) show that new maize harvests could be underway in a few weeks. “The quality is definitely not good. However, because of high demand for the commodity, the millers are buying whatever drops onto the market,” said the UCE report.

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