WTO deal to spare Canadian poultry

Canada is confident that a WTO trade deal will spare a marketing scheme that has protected its dairy and poultry farmers from foreign competition.

Trade ministers from major nations will soon be meeting in Switzerland to conclude Doha round of talks on a new World Trade Organisation deal that will cut farm subsidies and tariffs, reports Reuters.
It has been reported that Canada has resisted attempts to touch its "supply management" regime which controls production and prices and limits imports with high tariffs.
"I don't think supply management will take a hit," said Trade Minister Michael Fortier Fortier.
In May, mediators issued revised proposals that would force Canada to open up poultry and dairy markets to more imports.
Canada has tried, unsuccessfully, to have all supply-managed agriculture designated as "sensitive products", which means they would be subject to smaller cuts in tariffs than other products.
"At the end of the day, everybody has got a pocket of sensitive issues which they wish to protect," said Fortier. He went on to say that supply management is a minor issue for many countries. "We're going to have to find a way to come to terms based on that position," he said.
However, Reuters also reports that some trade experts say protected industries such as the Canadian poultry and dairy sector will eventually be forced to end their isolation and compete in the global market.

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