Louisiana bans cockfighting

It has been reported that Louisiana, which is the last state to outlaw cockfighting, has passed a ban and will take effect today to ban the 'sport'.

Supporters believe this is the end of a rich rural tradition.
As of today, those caught participating in cockfights could face up to US$1,000 in fines and six months in jail.
In 2007, a separate law banning betting at the events went into effect which consequently took away much of the appeal of the fights.
Many believe, however, that even though the law has been put into practice now, cockfighting will still take place in remote areas, 'hidden' from the law.
Now, though, prosecutors have a tool for bringing this brutal practice under control.
In banning the fights, Louisiana relented after years of pressure from the US Humane Society and other animal-rights groups.

Editor WorldPoultry

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