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UK: higher welfare chicken sales higher than ever

Sainsbury's reports that higher welfare chicken sales in UK stores are up 60% compared to 2007.

The supermarket chain has now launched a new higher welfare range of chicken products to meet the growing demand. These birds are raised on farms inspected by Freedom Food to strict RSPCA welfare standards. The products hit the shelves in the first week of this month.
Even though shoppers are struggling with higher food prices, many have reportedly not lost the desire to buy ethically sourced products. According to YouGov research, commissioned by Sainsbury's, 38% of shoppers said that they are actively looking for food which doesn't compromise on how it is sourced and is good for the environment.
Sainsbury's expects the demand for Freedom Food chicken to continue to grow. In 2006, higher welfare chicken represented 14% of Sainsbury's total chicken sales. Now, following the launch of the new Freedom Food labelled chicken, nearly one-third of all chicken sold at Sainsbury's will be higher welfare.
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