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Kuwait: Fake halal meat, forged certificates

Markets in Kuwait have imported meats with fake certificates that state that they had been slaughtered according to Islamic Halal regulations.

Dr Hani Al-Mazidi, a technological researcher at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has made this allegation.

According to Al-Mazidi, certificates for meat should normally have an accredited stamp from the Arab or Muslim country of origin - regardless of the nature of the certified meat, whether it is livestock or poultry.

Al-Mazidi further stated that all kinds of processed meats that were analysed by the KISR were discovered to have fats and gelatins of suspicious origin, including substances from pigs.

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    Fadzil Abdul Rahman

    Would appreciate more information on this as Malaysia too is not self-sufficient in local meat production and have to import foreign meats purportedly halal.

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