EU: Clearer standards on marketing poultry

The European Parliament in Strasbourg recently approved with a few amendments the consultative report designed to tighten up the text of a draft regulation adjusting EU rules on the marketing of poultry.

The report by Ilda Figueiredo was adopted by 546 in favour, 12 against and 1 abstention at the end of March (EUROPE 9875).

According to the amendments in order to be sold as “fresh”, poultry meat and its derived products must never be frozen and must always be maintained at a temperature of between -2C and +4C.

The amendments also call for: a compulsory indication on labels of the origin or source of the meat to enable consumers to make a properly informed choice (and make it mandatory to indicate the date of slaughter of the bird); MEPs also want to delete from the Commission's draft regulation anything that might pave the way to allowing "chlorinated chicken" on the European market.

They stress that meat intended for human consumption must have undergone no treatment other than refrigeration.


Natalie Berkhout

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