News update:Mar 22, 2010

UK: Asda plans to use skin packaging

With the aim of improving its environmental performance, UK supermarket giant Asda plans to use skin packaging for all of its meat joints.

According to the retailer, by switching to skin packs, it wants to reduce packaging waste and improve its environmental performance, and also make transport costs lower.

“When you transport meat in traditional packs you end up carrying a lot of air around, especially with joints. Changing to skin packs will allow us to save room and improve our logistics, as well as making savings on carbon and packaging,” said Asda agricultural director Chris Brown.

Skin packaging lets the packaging film conform to the exact profile of the product, making the presentation and shelf-life of the meat better.

The skin packaging is also said to also minimise packaging waste. Asda hopes to make the switch for joints in autumn. “The big question is whether customers will go for it – we just don’t know,” said Brown.

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Natalie Berkhout

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